Day 22: Stand by, India!

The 100 Day Writing Project

These golden words Tweeted by the Airport authorities of Pune, as Serum Institute rolled out the first set of vaccines and dispatched it to various cities across the country, brought out such a surge of joy, pride and relief in me its amazing how much science has contributed to the betterment of the country.

The virus stagnated the whole world and with this vaccine, things are looking up again. I have never felt more proud to be alive in this time when within a year of a virus, a vaccine is made and being given to one and all across the world.

The tweet by the airport authorities gives so much hope and it shows how various sectors are helping in making it possible for the vaccine to reach us safely.

Thank You to all the workers across all sectors for making this possible. 2021 is starting to look up.




Scribbler. Guitar Player. Dreamer. Believer. Writer.

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Aditi Sarawagi

Aditi Sarawagi

Scribbler. Guitar Player. Dreamer. Believer. Writer.

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