Day 23: Reading Goals of the Year

The 100 Day Writing Project

The key to good writing has always been reading a lot or so they say. Earlier I would never understand this phenomenon maybe because I did read a lot but all of us bibliophiles have faltered these past few years and as I consider a serious writing career, I feel the need to read more, to learn more, so I can write more, so I have more things to think about, to write about.

Goodreads has a reading challenge every year, wherein you can set a challenge for yourself as to the number of books you want to read that year. Failing in 2020, despite being under lockdown, has pushed me to complete my challenge this year of 25 books. People have such fancy reading lists-ranging from reading all books by a particular author, to books only by Indian or regional writers, or reading a short story everyday, or books by writers from smaller countries around the world. I have made no such list, I plan to read as I go, hoping to clear the ever amassing TBR pile on my Goodreads page, and hoping to find or rather make the time to read as much as I can.

What’s your reading challenge?




Scribbler. Guitar Player. Dreamer. Believer. Writer.

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Aditi Sarawagi

Aditi Sarawagi

Scribbler. Guitar Player. Dreamer. Believer. Writer.

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