Day 19: Doordarshan

The 100 Day Writing Project

As we sat around the television watching mindless movies, the name Doordarshan cropped up in one scene along with Zee TV. My ten year old nephew immediately asked his mother, “Mom, what is Doordarshan?” to which she replied “It’s an old tv channel”, almost dismissively.

My eyes, on the other hand widened in disbelief, well not disbelief, shock. Not even shock, surprise actually-not at what he asked( a bit yes) but mostly on why I found it surprising that he didn’t know what is Doordarshan. This had a two-part surprise element to it-one was my surprise mingled with sadness about him not knowing Doordarshan, something which we 90’s kids grew up on(albeit not completely) but my 80’s born sister definitely did and the failure of not informing our children about our past(Doordarshan?) or would it be a stepping stone-the right moment to educate him on the singular-channel-one-single-show-Ramayan era?

And secondly, at my own ignorance and presumption that children don’t know what they don’t know and can’t even Google it because well they don’t know. And that so many times in life we assume correct behaviour, responses and knowledge from our children without realising we haven’t taught them or prepared them enough for those moments.

Yes it’s too much to expect from ourselves and other teachers to teach them everything and frankly not even possible but therein comes the important, the most important role of all of us sharing our stories, our past history, our memories, our experiences, our disappointments, failures, and basically our life not with a purpose of teaching( well yes kind of) but just to share our stories, so they know, the future generations, our next of kin, know what to do, or at least have a semblance of idea as to what to do, when faced with similar scenarios and situations. Not all of our stories will have lessons in them, but sharing them, voicing them is so very important so they might learn what lessons can never teach them, or simply at least make them aware of the existence of such truths(our truths) .

So speak out, share your stories, you might not know how what you share might affect someone like you have no idea of. I miss those days of deep, meaningful conversations where people would just pour their hearts out to old friends or random strangers. But I would like to thank Medium from the bottom of my heart to make my voice heard amongst the millions of other blog posts, for giving me a small space to share my views too.

And I request you dear reader, to do the same. I don’t want another child in another drawing room, born to Indian parents, asking ‘What is Doordarshan?’



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