Day 97: Unanswered Questions

The 100 Day Writing Project

So many questions in life remain unanswered. There are so many things which we want to know but are scared to ask. At times we don’t realise we needed those answers. Sometimes we understand it after a long, long time.

Some questions plague us forever and some are best left unanswered. Had I joined that college and that course and would my life be better? Should I have maintained contact with that friend? Should I have kept my mouth shut? Should I have partied more or studied more? We shall never know because we chose the path which seemed right in that moment given our life circumstances at that point in time. So don’t regret what you chose because it has led you to have the experiences, people and circumstances you have in your life right now and be grateful for what you have rather than regretting what could have been.




Scribbler. Guitar Player. Dreamer. Believer. Writer.

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Aditi Sarawagi

Aditi Sarawagi

Scribbler. Guitar Player. Dreamer. Believer. Writer.

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