Day 94: Empty Roads Shall Fill Again

The 100 Day Writing Project

Aditi Sarawagi
2 min readMay 4, 2021

It has been a dull few days. With the rise in cases in India, lack of healthcare, and tearful stories floating around, the mind is running on thousand miles an hour but at the same time has slowed down around other matters. As I peer down from my verandah, I see stark, dark, empty roads with even the street lights seeming dull and cold. Everyone is under self lockdown mode and even though I stay in the hub of the city, the quiet shadows loom around me, seem morbid.

This was not the case last year, even during complete lockdown there was still a flurry of activity and energy in the air, like we were fighting, waiting for this to be over, there was hope in the plate banging and candle lighting. But this time around it is eerily quiet, no grocery trucks are lining the roads, no socially distanced terrace parties are taking place. The fear is palpable.

As I look at the lone street light engulfed by a huge tree, I find myself teary eyed and I pray with all my heart-for this to be over. For the streets to be filled again, to crib about the traffic and footfall once again. I pray for the safety of loved ones, I pray for the recovery of the ones affected. I pray for the Government to actually DO something-get us vaccines, and a better healthcare system. I pray that I do not have to wake up to more bad news, that I do not have to open social media to see frantic requests of help.

I don’t know if my prayers are being heard or not. I feel helpless and I think of what I can do. Letting go of what is not in my control for my own mental peace, we are all angry and disappointed and scared-let’s stay home, donate as much as possible and while staying in let’s help others in whichever way we can.

Stay strong India, empty roads shall fill again.