Day 92: Declutter

The 100 Day Writing Project

Aditi Sarawagi
1 min readApr 30, 2021

Cleaning and organising your space is therapeutic. There is no denying that. As a child, as is the norm, I would hate cleaning my room and my cupboards and only after much coaxing and 80% of it done by my mom, would I relent. It was a chore which I would put off to the last minute.

How times change. Now cleaning and organising are a vital part of my life. There is something about decluttering my space and sorting things out which is therapeutic and makes me feel in control. Also, the added advantage of finding things where they are meant to be found with ease puts my mind to rest. Looking for things is a personal pet peeve as is losing things.

In these uncertain times, we all have our hooks and pegs which keep us grounded, sane and make us feel in control and decluttering is one of them.