Day 91: Stay in Touch

The 100 Day Writing Project

Aditi Sarawagi
1 min readApr 29, 2021

Communication is key. Man is a social animal and he needs his daily dose of social communication with other social beings or he’ll lose it, for lack of a better phrase. Social media has all of us connected down to the tiniest detail of what we put in our smoothie but how we really feel, how our day really is and what we are going through as we go from one smoothie to the other is something which the gram cannot display. For that we need real communication, those long midnight calls, that understanding text and the smile through the video call. Long conversations over coffee, sitting on a friends terrace with wine and nostalgia. Pouring one’s heart out not on the Internet but to real people.

We feel like we are in touch with our family and friends but are we really? As I spoke to a bunch of cousins and friends today I realised how out of touch we really are and how wonderful it felt to truly talk. The pandemic has made meeting everyone difficult but make that phone call- scroll a little less on Instagram but pick up the damn phone and call your school or college buddy and I guarantee you’ll feel a million times better. We all know this but we tend to forget. Please remember to remember. These are tough times and only together can we get through this.