Day 87: The Joy of Re-Reading

The 100 Day Writing Project

Lately, I have re-discovered the joy of re-reading. The comfort of old books and stories whose path you know is wholesome and makes me warm and giddy. There are books like Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings which take you on a journey to faraway lands and allow you to be part of their fantasy. Then there are books like Becoming by Michelle Obama and Tuesdays with Morrie(Mitch Albom) which you want to keep going back to because of what they teach you and how they give you a fresh perspective.

Then there are those books like Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari and a lot of Dr. Brian Weiss which teach you something new every time you revisit them. These are tough times and there are some days when only your favourite book can lead you through.



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