Day 76: You do You

The 100 Day Writing Project

Sometimes simple things such as running your own errands successfully can be so therapeutic and give you so much energy in life. We have become so used to online shopping and delegating the so called mundane work to others that we have forgotten the joy of successfully ticking off things off of our list and the rush you feel when, pressed for time, you actually manage to finish off all your tasks.

As a hugely independent person all my life, having made to do all my errands on my own, I did not think much of it at the time but as time passed and I got people and help to do my tasks, I forgot the thrill and satisfaction of completing one’s own tasks. After a successful errand run today, I felt a peace and calm not felt in a long time, and on introspection I realised it was the peace of independence, of being free, of doing things my way. Such small things can leave such a big impact on you, and affect you so deeply, you don’t even realise.

So the gist of the thing is that live and let live is the best motto and being free of mind, even if tired, is the most important thing at least for me. And doing more of this is going to make me feel more alive so have to strive for this more.



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