Day 71: Thinking

The 100 Day Writing Project

These days we have all stopped thinking. Any free second, between work or any activity for the matter, is spent scrolling on Instagram. Sometimes I think, what did we do before social media? I belong to the generation which has seen mobile phones and the internet taking over our life from college, not before that, so how did we spend time before that?

Daydreaming? Thinking about goals, long term plans, or maybe just thinking and feeling what we are going through instead of drowning ourselves in distraction. I read a post today on IG, yes I know the irony, which said, ‘Healing happens with feeling’ and that’s true right? If we don’t sit with our feelings, if we don’t feel our feelings-the good, the bad and the ugly, how are we supposed to get over them, or value them, be grateful for them?

In a conscious effort to not just distract myself from the feeling at hand, I have kept my Kindle next to me as I work, deciding on reading few pages instead of mindlessly scrolling the ‘gram. Yes still not perfect but at least I will read more hopefully.

Maybe one day I’ll stop and actually start thinking again.



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