Day 70: Forgetfulness

The 100 Day Writing Project

Forgetfulness. This morning I had a brilliant idea for today’s piece and half formulated it in my head. As I sad down to write it, I went blank. I didn’t even remember the topic. This scares me-I’m not someone who likes to forget things, I mean no one is, but I’m not a careless(read: carefree) human who is okay with forgetting things, being unorganised or God forbid losing things.

I guess its okay with writing as people often recommend carrying a notepad with you at all times to jot down your thoughts. Or maybe not, maybe I have to be sharp enough or prioritise it enough to write at every given opportunity, but I chose to wait, to do other less important things. I chose not to devote that time to my craft and honestly I’m done doing that.

Next time, forgetfulness will not be an excuse.




Scribbler. Guitar Player. Dreamer. Believer. Writer.

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Aditi Sarawagi

Aditi Sarawagi

Scribbler. Guitar Player. Dreamer. Believer. Writer.

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