Day 68: Hurry

The 100 Day Writing Project

I have noticed that the best pieces I write are when I’m not in a hurry. This challenge had started out to inculcate in myself a habit of writing once again and I did complete justice to the project for the first two months, belting out a piece of writing no matter how bad, every single day. I would find five minutes to write hundred words-so yes it has been a win. But I have been missing out these past few days due to several reasons already listed in the previous article and strangely it is not bothering me anymore.

I do plan to complete this challenge but one of the questions I had at the beginning of this project, was will I continue after a hundred days as well? Now I have my answer-No. I want to write more regularly for sure, and definitely try to write everyday but I rather write good pieces a couple of times a week rather than let this become a chore.

So maybe in the last leg of this project you will find some bad pieces again as I hurry to finish these 100 days, hopefully you will see me through.



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