Day 64: I Failed(Or Didn’t)

The 100 Day Writing Project

I failed. There goes my 100 day writing project down the drain. Despite writing on holiday, I came back and I faltered. It was one day, and then another and then I was like what is even the point? I had thoughts of cheating and writing the posts anyway without acknowledging missing out on a solid week but then I was like I’d be cheating myself because this is a personal project and anyway barely has any readers but I thought when I look back, will I appreciate this cheat? Will I be able to be proud of what I had done or the internet would turn around to bite me?

Well, the answer is this post. I’m still not sure whether to continue as it is or start over. I think I’ll continue from today though I don’t know what I hope to achieve from this-when I started out, I thought I’ll figure this out along the way and this project would turn out to be a major turning point in my writing career if not a milestone. So what made me fail? Being on holiday didn’t. In fact I wrote some of my favourite pieces from the plane. So then what was it? Well it was the exhaustion of travel and unpacking and then I fell ill. Does being unwell count? Medical leave maybe? And then well I got pure lazy and unsure and under confident as per usual.

Yet here I am, trying to finish what I started. That counts for something right? I don’t know whether I failed or not, but I’m back here trying to pick myself up again, and that should matter. Showing up matters, and so I show up and I will for the remaining 44 days, fingers crossed. And maybe I will finally know.




Scribbler. Guitar Player. Dreamer. Believer. Writer.

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Aditi Sarawagi

Aditi Sarawagi

Scribbler. Guitar Player. Dreamer. Believer. Writer.

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