High school is a (for lack of a better word) difficult time for almost everyone-a little more to some, a little less to the other half. Difficulties are of different kinds-some have problems with studies, some with sports, some with friends or relationships, body image issues, popularity issues-the list can go on and on.

One factor which is common to all and cannot be undermined is the people around you who may or may not fuel this discomfort. There will be your friends(the kind that stick with you for life), then there will be those mean people who openly make your life a living hell, the people who ignore you completely despite crossing paths everyday for ten plus years and then there are the worst kinds who might give you a vague smile and entertain small chatter and don’t really mean anything to you, but you still feel like you are beneath them-like they are undermining you without even trying to(or maybe they secretly are?). You just get that vibe from them where you don’t want to be near them.

It is okay to spend time with people who make you want to change yourself in some way or another, but that has to be a good change-inspirational change-for example, when you see your friend with a fit body, you can aspire to be fit like her-and spending time with her will encourage you and help you learn from her, but if the same friend or associate shames you for not being fit even indirectly, who makes you feel uncomfortable about yourself and around who you cannot be yourself and are forced to change, those are the people you want to stay away from people.

Change is not bad, but people who make you uncomfortable are not worth keeping in your life. Weed them out, and keep your tribe close. Speak up, edit your circle, make that change and breathe. Your life is not meant to be uncomfortable.

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