Day 51: Anxiety

Aditi Sarawagi
1 min readFeb 10, 2021

This word had different meaning a few years back. It was insignificant and not much thought of. With conversations on mental health increasing, people started recognising that their erratic breathing, cold sweats, overthinking and general foreboding had a reason, them going through a condition known as anxiety disorder.

It happens very suddenly and you don’t know what hits you. There is no valid reason for you to feel the way you do, yet you do. You pace around for no reason, feel a constriction in your chest and overthink everything. Suppressed trauma, stress, overworking, all or any may contribute to an anxiety attack. It is real, it is not something you can “get over”. It has a diagnosis and it has a treatment.

Please reach out, talk to people around you, seek professional help. Mental health may not leave behind physical scars but the one suffering is bleeding beyond the naked eyes. These are the few things which have helped me.


Take 5 deep breaths-4 counts inhale and exhale 6 counts.

Have a hot beverage.

Talk to a loved one-share how you feel.

Don’t be scared of medication.

Seek professional help.

Watch your favourite movie/show.

Rewatch it.

Eat that tub of icecream.

Know that it will be okay.

Yes it will.

Love yourself.


It’s going to be okay.

You’re gonna get through this.