Day 40: Appreciation

The 100 Day Writing Project

Today I met my friends who I’ve known forever, after a very long time and we cut a cake to celebrate that. I was given the task to slice up the cake for everyone and my friends complimented me on how beautifully I cut the cake-I immediately belittled saying this isn’t even a talent or something to be proud of. They shushed me and said they couldn’t cut a cake straight to save their lives and it is certainly a skill.

Their encouragement and compliment over such a tiny thing made me smile so wide and I had to acknowledge them with a thank you. It warmed my heart to see how strongly they support me and how such a small compliment could boost my confidence so much.

They showed me today that love and life should be exactly like that moment-where even the smallest of achievements or good that you do is acknowledged and appreciated and how human beings would absolutely flourish if this became a way of life.

I learnt today that to appreciate and be kind are our biggest gifts and that they are highly underused, so peeps, go ahead and encourage and appreciate your near and dear ones and watch them bloom right before your eyes.



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