Day 38: Cooking

The 100 Day Writing Project

Everyone has a different opinion or viewpoint on cooking. For some, cooking is recreational, for some its therapeutic, for some its a hobby, for some its a passion, for some its a career, for some its a means of living and for some its just a chore. No matter what your relationship with cooking, an association with food is the basis of life.

For me, cooking is multidimensional. It is an essential skill-one of the many skills you need to and you should know for a self dependent life. Sometimes it turns therapeutic with all its aromas and spices, sometimes its a chore and sometimes it is essential foe survival. Sometimes it works as a means to someone’s heart, and sometimes it seems petty enough to not bother with at all.

Cooking is not for everybody and I never thought it would be for me-but that’s what life is-it surprise you-sometimes in the form of pots and ladles.



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