Day 31: Skin care aka Self Care

The 100 Day Writing Project

Picture Credit: Pinterest

With the stress levels reaching paramount in 2020, self care has become the most talked about topic where people are finally accepting that taking care of one’s overall mental and physical health is of prime important and only then can one take care of other matters like family, friends, work or relationships. Several wellness practices have been put into place by one and all and one such practice often not high on wellness charts has cropped up to be a top contender-skin care.

There is something about those lotions and potions which make you feel special, pampered and well taken care of by yourself. It’s like when you take out those ten minutes in a day to layer your serums and oils, you are stating out to the Universe that here I am doing my bit, taking care of myself, loving myself-and now it’s your turn to reflect that as I go about conquering the world.

The semblance of peace which you feel rubbing your palms with soft scented creams can only be experienced and not explained-it is surreal. Enveloping yourself with velvety lotions and oils and expensive serums will not only make one look their best but has also become an immensely sacred night time ritual which helps you unwind and ready for the night. Morning rituals are the fleeting moments of peace and calm before you take on the day.

Mind you, it is no less than a science to layer various acids and essences and it is surely not cheap, but the radiant glow it offers externally as well as internally, surely makes it worth its while.

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