Day 29: Cricket

The 100 Day Writing Project

Aditi Sarawagi
1 min readJan 19, 2021
Picture Credit:India Today

My husband is a dedicated worker and focused on work for most days except days like today-match days. The ongoing India vs Australia test series has him checking his phone every two minutes and finally abandoning it all to see India bat its way to victory(hopefully). This is not a phenomenon unique to him-this is the story of countless Indians who, as cliched as it may sound, breathe cricket. The passion for the game can be seen not only in the players but equally if not more in the viewers. In a country where cricketers are nothing short of idolised, living without the game during lockdown was exceptionally painful and millions jumped with joy when the IPL finally took place in UAE.

The Border-Gavaskar Trophy is iconic as is the India vs Australia enemity. It is as popular say as an India-Pakistan match though of course no match of any sport can hold a candle to that level of rivalry and excitement. Our national game might be hockey, but cricket is what the Indian heart beats for as can be clearly seen and heard by whoops and cheers across the country today.