Day 26: Female Friendships

The 100 Day Writing Project

Aditi Sarawagi
1 min readJan 16, 2021

I grew up in an all girls convent school and made some of my best friends there. In fact most of the friends I hold dear are from school. We have been best friends for more than fifteen years. They have seen me at my best and my worst, through thick and thin. Every joy, every sorrow-the only thing constant in my life has been them.

They are nothing short of family and I love them deeply. I have always appreciated their presence in my life but in the past few years as we all started to do the thing called “adulting”(rolls eyes here) and everybody moved to different parts of the world and into different phases of life, we have still stuck with each other, travelling and making time for each other’s special moments. I have truly begun to appreciate my female friendships who treat me nothing short of a Goddess and are there for me blindly, faithfully, strongly. It’s time we celebrate these friendships and hold them close, because we all need our girls to keep us sane.

Love you Zee, Deb, Saku, Vee, Esh, and Bugs. You are my heartbeats.