Day 12: Oranges in the Sunshine

If I know anything about myself for sure, it is the fact that I thrive heavily onto nostalgia. Remembering the past is like finding a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. While going through day to day life, a moment or an object may suddenly trigger a memory much like finding the gold while following the rainbow.

I say memories are gold because they serve as a reminder of who you are, how far you have come and what you have become.

As the warm, soothing winter sun poured through my window, I was reminded of winter holidays at home as a young girl where my grandmother would give all of us kids half an orange each while we sat in the verandah under the sun-we peeled and ate the oranges under her watchful eye-a triple dose of Vitamin C, D and Vitamin Love under the guise of her strict voice.

What seemed like an everyday chore where we were forced to eat oranges some years ago made me pull out a floor rug this winter and I couldn’t help my tears as I peeled half an orange and ate it thinking of the simplicity of that time and how precious it seems now.

That time won’t come back but what is stopping us from recreating those old memories and crinkling up smiles?

Here’s to oranges in the sunshine.

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