Day 100

Aditi Sarawagi
2 min readMay 17, 2021


The 100 Day Writing Project

Day 100. We finally come to the end of the road for this project. So much has happened in the past hundred days(and some) and so much has remained the same. I have been thinking about this post for some weeks now. I wasn’t sure whether to make it a big deal or not. To read all my posts and summarise my learnings and my experience or to give a short, succinct post or to not acknowledge it at all. The pressure for this post was way too high. So as always I decided to go with the flow. And this post got delayed by several days waiting for the perfect time and opportunity to write it. And as with everything else in life, lo and behold, today presented itself as the ideal day to complete this project as another important chapter in my life comes to a close.

At the beginning of this project, I had hoped to achieve something out of this series though I did not know what, and how. In the middle, I fizzled out and made peace with the fact that even if nothing concrete came out of this, if nothing else at least I could renew my writing regularly habit and that if I may say so myself has successfully happened. If my writing has improved or not is a case study for another day but if we talk about consistency I have achieved that to say the least. As D-Day loomed, it seemed like it would be a ‘soft closing’ and lives would continue as per the usual. And well it is still a quiet closing ceremony except for the turmoil in my heart.

Right till the last second, what I had hoped for(epiphany regarding life and career, and success in a full time writing career) seemed like a distant dream. Well it is still a dream but not so distant anymore. Under dire circumstances, a massive change has taken place in the last moment and now, without any other work, I can give writing my whole and soul. Will I achieve success in it as I desire is yet to be seen but I got part of my wish at least. And now I have to make it work. I don’t know how and even the next step seems unsure but it is what it is.

Writing is all I know and all I have. There is no other way and I am glad I did this 100 Day Writing Project so I know I can do this for the rest of my life.