In the middle of last night, I remembered an article I had read some years ago regarding a writing project-writing 100 words everyday for 100 days-on anything you want to write about. Everyday, without fail, whether anyone reads it or not, whether you get anything out of it or not. No matter the obstructions in your path, no matter how late in the night or how early in the morning it gets, you have to punch out those 100 words every single day. I wasn’t “selected” for that project, but I realised what’s stopping me from doing it anyway? With…

The 100 Day Writing Project

Day 100. We finally come to the end of the road for this project. So much has happened in the past hundred days(and some) and so much has remained the same. I have been thinking about this post for some weeks now. I wasn’t sure whether to make it a big deal or not. To read all my posts and summarise my learnings and my experience or to give a short, succinct post or to not acknowledge it at all. The pressure for this post was way too high. So as always I decided to…

The 100 Day Writing Project

Sometimes no other word will suffice. The pain is so deep, the hurt so great that you submerge in grief. The guilt, the shame, the self-pity, the acceptance that somethings will never change. You feel sorrow when you feel nothing else. No fear, no shame. Only sadness so immense that you lose yourself in it. Nothing or nobody affects you like it usually would and you’re past caring. It is the end.

And that is the only time you know that now you have nothing to lose. Because only from endings, will new beginnings approach.

The 100 Day Writing Project

As the Nykaa Pink Friday Sale goes live, a focused shopper is glued to her screen, adding her wishlisted products to the cart frantically. Not that they are going out of stock anytime soon but the frenzy of a good sale cannot be missed. Be it Nykaa, Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra or any of the innumerable online shopping sites, all of them keep going on sales every few weeks, each one more exorbitant than the one before.

They offer deals and freebies which entice buyers to get stuff they otherwise wouldn’t. A shopaholic brain sees it the same way as these…

The 100 Day Writing Project

So many questions in life remain unanswered. There are so many things which we want to know but are scared to ask. At times we don’t realise we needed those answers. Sometimes we understand it after a long, long time.

Some questions plague us forever and some are best left unanswered. Had I joined that college and that course and would my life be better? Should I have maintained contact with that friend? Should I have kept my mouth shut? Should I have partied more or studied more? We shall never know because we chose the path which seemed right…

The 100 Day Writing Project

The world doesn’t tire of telling you to exercise and stay fit. Every social media app, every influencer, every website they all tell you the same thing. And you yourself know that you need to exercise. Still, let me add to that and repeat what everyone is saying once again. You NEED to exercise, move your body, maintain an active lifestyle.

Losing weight might be the added motivation but if you love yourself you need to exercise. Then it doesn’t seem so tedious. Exercise will not only keep you lean and fit, it will keep a lot of illnesses at…

The 100 Day Writing Project

As I danced on a Jab We Met song for my morning online Zumba class, I jumped around excitedly, going into full Geet mode, making eyes at, well, the wall but in those few minutes I was the colourful Geet we all loved seeing on screen. I actually felt bubbly, chirpy and happy.

It got me thinking as to why we as an audience are so attracted to these bubbly characters. Not only Geet but so many other female characters (pretty much all of Kajol and Preity Zinta) have always found a special place in…

The 100 Day Writing Project

It has been a dull few days. With the rise in cases in India, lack of healthcare, and tearful stories floating around, the mind is running on thousand miles an hour but at the same time has slowed down around other matters. As I peer down from my verandah, I see stark, dark, empty roads with even the street lights seeming dull and cold. Everyone is under self lockdown mode and even though I stay in the hub of the city, the quiet shadows loom around me, seem morbid.

This was not the case last year, even during complete lockdown…

The 100 Day Writing Project

No, I’m not talking about the Hallmark movies though I absolutely love them. I am talking about a card and gift shop situated right next to my school. Or rather which was situated right next to my school as it has long since shut down.

Hallmark started as a card shop, yes you guessed it correctly, Hallmark cards were all the rage back in the 90’s and 2000’s and we would flock to the store to pick out cards for our friends, families, teachers’, special someone’s, ahem. And then they began expanding to Archies cards and teddies, chocolates, little knick…

The 100 Day Writing Project

Cleaning and organising your space is therapeutic. There is no denying that. As a child, as is the norm, I would hate cleaning my room and my cupboards and only after much coaxing and 80% of it done by my mom, would I relent. It was a chore which I would put off to the last minute.

How times change. Now cleaning and organising are a vital part of my life. There is something about decluttering my space and sorting things out which is therapeutic and makes me feel in control. Also, the added advantage of finding things where they…

Aditi Sarawagi

Scribbler. Guitar Player. Dreamer. Believer. Writer.

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